RAVEN PEARL for deep internal orgasms
RAVEN PEARL for deep internal orgasms
RAVEN PEARL for deep internal orgasms

RAVEN PEARL for deep internal orgasms

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PEARL is for a wild woman who yearns to indulge in self-pleasure. Beautifully sculpted to target the G-spot area, this toy is deep and intuitive, introducing new levels of orgasmic bliss.
It’s unique bulbous shape, makes PEARL the perfect toy for accessing better internal sensation and experiencing both G-spot and cervical orgasms. The G-spot is a textured section of erectile tissue located on the front wall of the vagina. Often, women find that G-spot stimulation leads to deeper, fuller orgasms. It can be difficult to stimulate with just a finger or a penis. PEARL is perfectly shaped for effortless G-spot stimulation and orgasmic release. The curve of the PEARL allows for easy handling and angling when playing solo or with a partner.
PEARL will take you on a wild ride of wave orgasms. Our PEARLs are known for driving women to squirting climaxes.

Obsidian is a semi-precious stone, powerful and beautiful emanating an energy of strength and protection. Black obsidian is known for stimulating growth on all levels, gently urging one to open and explore new horizons. It holds a highly protective energy shielding against negativity, mental stress and tension.

SIZE: length17cm, width 3.5 cm wide end, 2.5cm thin end

Comes complete with a soft pouch, elegant storage box and care instructions manual.
You are Special: each stone is unique and there isn’t another like yours. All stones vary in patterns, hues and colors.